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Economy Academic Gown

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Our Economy Academic Gown has been a popular choice with students looking for an option that's easy on the pocket but still ensures they look their very best for those all important graduation day photographs. The flat pleated Bachelor's style graduation gown has square sleeves and a flat pleated yoke to the rear


· Flat Pleated Graduation Gown

· Square Sleeves

· Available in 7 Colours

- Easy to Store and Launder in a Domestic Washing Machine

Hat sizes

Please measure your head circumference before choosing a fitted hat, bonnet or cap

This can be done by measuring around your head approximately 2" (5cms) above your eyebrows.

If in between sizes, it is always advisable to choose a size higher and leave yourself a little bit of room to breathe!

Adult Gown Sizes

Please choose a gown based upon your overall standing height. For example, if you are 5'5 (167cms) tall and of average stature, please chose the gown that is for someone of 5'3-5'6 (161cm-170cm).

If you are of a broader stature, please bear in mind that the bottom hem of the gown will sit a little higher as there is more fabric required to cover the body. Therefore, you may wish to choose a height increment above your standing height.

This guidance mainly applies to female wearers, who wear a dress size 18 (bust size 44') or over.

Children's Gown Sizes

Age Height of child
4 - 5 3'4-3'7(108cm -117 cm)
6 - 7 3'8-4'1(118cm -127 cm)
8 - 9 4'2-4'5(128cm -137 cm)
10 - 11 4'6-4'8(138cm -147 cm)
12 - 13 4'9 - 5'2(148cm -157 cm)

Preschool Gown Sizes

Child's Height -2'8-3'3
CHOOSE 27'' Gown

Child's Height -3'4-3'7
CHOOSE 30'' Gown

The gown has always been quintessential part of British style academic dress. Our Economy Academic Gown ensures that you look every inch the accomplished academic, without the high price tag and with no compromise on quality!

The flat pleats which form the yoke to the back of the garment are individually folded rather than simply gathered, producing a plush and opulent look. Made from a light weave, 100% polyester fibre this gown has a softness that makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods and is cut to ensure you always look your very best.

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