Here are five creative DIY graduation gift ideas that you can make yourself:


1. Memory Jar

Materials Needed: A glass jar, colored paper, pens/markers, scissors, ribbon.


1. Cut tiny, rectangular pieces of colorful paper..
2. Note down great moments, motivational sayings, or words of wisdom on each sheet of paper.
3. After folding each piece of paper, put it into the glass jar.
4. Adorn the jar with a tag wishing the recipient luck and some ribbon.

Optional: You can also add small trinkets or photos to the jar for an extra personal touch.


2. Customized Graduation Cap

Materials Needed: Plain graduation cap, fabric markers, fabric paint, embellishments (sequins, stickers, etc.).


1. Write the graduate's name, graduation year, or a special message on the cap using fabric markers or paint.
2. Incorporate ornamental components such as sequins, stickers, or fabric patches to symbolize the graduate's passions or accomplishments.
3. Before giving, allow the paint or markers to totally dry.


3. DIY Graduation Shadow Box

Materials Needed: Shadow box frame, graduation memorabilia (diploma, tassel, photo), decorative paper, glue.


1. Inside the shadow box frame, arrange the graduation mementos.
2. Cut ornamental paper to match the frame's background.
3. Apply glue to the paper's back side on the frame.
4. Adhere the mementos to the surface using glue or tiny pins.
5. Before giving, make sure everything is safe by closing the shadow box frame.


4. Motivational Quote Canvas

Materials Needed: Canvas, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, stencils (optional).


1. Apply a base color to the entire canvas and allow it to dry fully.
2. Incorporate a motivational quotation or slogan onto the canvas using stencils or freehand painting.
3. To improve the design, surround the quote with ornaments or other accessories.
4. For added protection, you can choose to apply a clear sealant to the canvas after the paint has dried.


5. DIY Graduation Survival Kit

Materials Needed: Small gift box or bag, various small items (snacks, mini first aid kit, inspirational quotes, stress-relief toys, gift cards, etc.).


1. Stuff the gift box or bag full of various tiny things that a recent graduate would find useful.
2. Add things like energy-relieving toys for relaxation, late-night study nibbles, a small first aid kit for emergencies, motivational phrases for encouragement, and gift cards for necessities.
3. Attach ribbon or stickers with graduation themes on the outside of the box or bag.
4. Write a letter outlining each item in the survival kit and its purpose.


Not only are these homemade graduation gift ideas meaningful and personalized, but they also let you personalize each gift with a touch of your own style. Celebrate the graduate in your life and have fun with your creation!

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