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When we think of people in uniform, whether they are police, military, or firefighters, we often look up to them as a figure of authority and someone who is good at their job. The same is true for professional athletes, when they put on their uniforms and take to the field, we think of them as professionals and experts in their sport. In fact, with almost every professional that wears a uniform, from your local mechanic, to your family doctor, it is the uniform that we see first and the uniform that forms our impression of them.

Can the same be said for a choir? If a group of people dressed in everyday clothes took the stage and began to sing, would the audience know what was going on? Now, what if they were wearing brightly coloured traditional choir robes? The audience would know right away that they were a choir and that they were about to perform.

The answer is clear. Having your choir dressed in traditional choir robes gives a beautiful, cohesive and uniform aesthetic to your audience. It also has importance in a religious context, focusing the minds of the worshipers as they give praise. This is why it is so important for a choir to dress the part.

When choosing to purchase from Ashington Gowns, you can rest assured that you are in good company. We have had the privilege of supplying our robes to international stars and our garments have appeared on television shows and films with audiences in their millions. These include, the band Take That for their 2015 world tour and 2019 UK tours, the choir accompanying Joss Stone for the Royal British Legion ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, the choir performing with Alexandra Burke on the Christmas Windows television show, the 1975 at the Brit Awards, as well as numerous appearances on the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

One of our favourites is Father Ray Kelly’s rendition of “take me to church”.

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