Academic Graduation Ceremonies

Proven to instil an ethos of attainment, and a marker of the culmination of years of study, graduation ceremonies celebrate the achievements of learners of all ages. The proof of this is unmistakable, with OFSTED awarding points to institutions that have a regular ceremony in their academic calendar.If you are planning a ceremony as part of your raising achievement programme, a nursery graduation for young learners, a corporate event for course completion, or an awarding institution wanting to celebrate the success of it's students, then please get in contact. We would love to listen to your requirements and provide a tailor made package to suit your needs.

Nursery Graduations

Preschool Graduation

Start building their self-esteem and sense of achievement early, by marking that all-important transition from preschool to ‘real school’ with their very own graduation day. Nursery-age children have an in-built sense of occasion and will love to take part in a special ceremony designed to mark such a significant phase of their educational lives.

Even better, they get to dress up!

Our Service

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns have a full range of children’s graduation gowns, caps and gifts to suit all budgets that will help to capture that unforgettable day. We can put together a bespoke package to suit your requirements and are very happy to offer guidance on what accessories you might need.

Our prices are extremely competitive and you’ll find our customer service second to none. With extensive stock and materials, we can always find the right solution for your big day. We can even provide junior mortarboards without gowns to give a splendid display for the photographs without straining smaller budgets.

On the Day

A Preschool Graduation Ceremony might well be a child’s first lesson in taking pride and a sense of ownership in their learning journey. Why not get in touch to find out how Ashington Ceremonial Gowns can help to make this wonderful occasion one you’ll remember forever?

Schools and Academies

Not all young people want to – or are able to - continue their studies beyond compulsory schooling. To ensure that those students are given proper recognition for their efforts, many schools and academies hold graduation ceremonies to mark the end of compulsory exams.

With the prestige of that academic rite of passage behind them, young people can strike out into the world of work with a sense of achievement and true purpose.

Our Service

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns has a range of gowns and accessories that can be purchased for future ceremonies or hired to keep costs manageable. Our comprehensive collection means that we can provide garments to match your school colours if desired. We can even create a bespoke design to decorate the ceremonial hoods with your institute’s insignia.

On the Day

We know that academic budgets are everything and we strive to meet the requirements of every school and academy we work with. Ashington Ceremonial Gowns expertise at keeping costs down while delivering excellence is second to none. You have the option of having the garments delivered by courier directly to your school, or our staff can attend on the day to take care of all student robing requirements before and after the ceremony.

The graduation photographs of the student group and individual portraits are all-important. Professional images create wonderful memories and will look impressive on the school website and brochure. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our staff can be on hand to arrange robes correctly and ensure that both formal and relaxed photographs perfectly capture the unforgettable day.

Apprenticeship Training Providers

Apprenticeship Ceremonies

More people are turning to, and appreciating the value of apprenticeships.

Completing an apprenticeship is an enormous achievement and its significance is often a key turning point in the life of an apprentice. An auspicious occasion like an Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for employers and providers to make important connections, as well as the chance to share the celebration with friends and family of the graduates.

Our Service

We are conscious that apprenticeship providers have diverse budgets. Different clients have different needs, and Ashington Ceremonial Gowns is equipped to meet them. We have a wide selection of gowns that we can courier directly to you as a lower-cost option, or alternatively provide a full robing service to assist with the smooth running of the big day.

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns can provide traditional bachelor’s gowns, mortarboards and graduation stoles featuring the apprenticeship logo for a memorable corporate impression.

On the Day

Our years of experience mean that we can offer tips and guidance as to the ceremony itself. Having a local celebrity can draw a crowd and will almost guarantee local – and perhaps even more widespread - media coverage. An apprenticeship ceremony is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business in a positive, progressive light, and we can help you to maximise that exposure.

The power of social media is virtually infinite, and a combination of formal photography and a few well-chosen selfies can boost your media channels and create an upbeat and professional message.

Once the event is over, our staff will be on hand to gather the gowns and any accessories. Alternatively, you are welcome to make your own arrangements for disrobing at the end of a magnificent day.

Colleges and Universities

College Ceremonies

Graduation is a celebration of personal achievement; the success of the college and the community that it is part of. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the students and the support of family and friends around them.

It’s likely that the college will hold a formal ceremony with a programme of speeches from the faculty – even a local celebrity - and may involve performances from student musicians or the college band.

Academic Dress

To accompany the proceedings, Ashington Ceremonial Gowns can provide a full range of traditional gowns, mortarboards and graduation stoles for the occasion. Why not commission a bespoke hood to represent your institution? We will happily work with you to come up with a unique design to make the day even more memorable. We also have academic robes available for the Principal and faculty of the college to compliment the chosen theme and colours.

On the Day

Once the graduates have crossed the stage and received their awards, both formal and relaxed photographs will capture the momentous day forever. We know how important it is to you that everything runs smoothly. Our experienced staff can be on hand to co-ordinate robing the students and gathering the gowns and accessories after the ceremony, leaving the participants to simply enjoy a wonderful day!


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