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Elegance of Academia Bachelors Gown

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The Elegance of Academia Bachelor’s (BA) gown is crafted by our skilled tailors for the individual who has worked incredibly hard to achieve their degree and quite rightly desires a fabulous garment that aptly portrays their academic attainment.


· Traditional Twill-Weave Fully-Fluted Bachelor’s Graduation Gown

· Fully Fluted Rear

· Reinforced Yoke for a more flattering fit

· Batwing Sleeves

Hat sizes

Please measure your head circumference before choosing a fitted hat, bonnet or cap

This can be done by measuring around your head approximately 2" (5cms) above your eyebrows.

If in between sizes, it is always advisable to choose a size higher and leave yourself a little bit of room to breathe!

Adult Gown Sizes

Please choose a gown based upon your overall standing height. For example, if you are 5'5 (167cms) tall and of average stature, please chose the gown that is for someone of 5'3-5'6 (161cm-170cm).

If you are of a broader stature, please bear in mind that the bottom hem of the gown will sit a little higher as there is more fabric required to cover the body. Therefore, you may wish to choose a height increment above your standing height.

This guidance mainly applies to female wearers, who wear a dress size 18 (bust size 44') or over.

Children's Gown Sizes

Age Height of child
4 - 5 3'4-3'7(108cm -117 cm)
6 - 7 3'8-4'1(118cm -127 cm)
8 - 9 4'2-4'5(128cm -137 cm)
10 - 11 4'6-4'8(138cm -147 cm)
12 - 13 4'9 - 5'2(148cm -157 cm)

Preschool Gown Sizes

Child's Height -2'8-3'3
CHOOSE 27'' Gown

Child's Height -3'4-3'7
CHOOSE 30'' Gown

Introducing our stunning Elegance of Academia range of premium quality graduation gowns. This Bachelor’s (BA) Gown is made in our highest quality twill-weave fabric to provide a comfortable and luxurious feel for the wearer. The iconic black Bachelor’s (BA) gown is truly the foundation of any graduation outfit and with our Elegance of Academia Bachelor’s gown, you can be certain to look your very best on graduation day.

The gown is tailored using only the finest twill-weave fabrics to create a truly special garment. Years of study and hard work deserve a graduation gown to match and our Elegance of Academia gowns are made with laser-like focus on quality to ensure you have the graduation day you deserve.

The opulent twill weave fabric ensures that the garment falls beautifully and as a soft feel fabric, the wearers comfort is never compromised. The garment features a beautifully detailed, fluted back stiffened yoke and traditional Magyar or bat-wing style sleeve.

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