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Nursery Graduation Gown & Cap Set

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Available in a choice of 10 beautiful colours paired with colour-matched mortarboard caps, our nursery graduation sets are of the highest quality.

We know that nursery age children are a variety of heights so for our customer’s convenience, we make our children's gowns in two sizes which cover a ninety fifth percentile of all nursery age children. This means that you can select from our range worry free and with confidence from a variety of sizes, secure in the knowledge that they will fit your learners this year as well as any future year groups.

Hat sizes

Please measure your head circumference before choosing a fitted hat, bonnet or cap

This can be done by measuring around your head approximately 2" (5cms) above your eyebrows.

If in between sizes, it is always advisable to choose a size higher and leave yourself a little bit of room to breathe!

Adult Gown Sizes

Please choose a gown based upon your overall standing height. For example, if you are 5'5 (167cms) tall and of average stature, please chose the gown that is for someone of 5'3-5'6 (161cm-170cm).

If you are of a broader stature, please bear in mind that the bottom hem of the gown will sit a little higher as there is more fabric required to cover the body. Therefore, you may wish to choose a height increment above your standing height.

This guidance mainly applies to female wearers, who wear a dress size 18 (bust size 44') or over.

Children's Gown Sizes

Age Height of child
4 - 5 3'4-3'7(108cm -117 cm)
6 - 7 3'8-4'1(118cm -127 cm)
8 - 9 4'2-4'5(128cm -137 cm)
10 - 11 4'6-4'8(138cm -147 cm)
12 - 13 4'9 - 5'2(148cm -157 cm)

Preschool Gown Sizes

Child's Height -2'8-3'3
CHOOSE 27'' Gown

Child's Height -3'4-3'7
CHOOSE 30'' Gown

• Children’s Graduation Gowns

• Colour matched mortarboard caps

• Cap Dimensions: 23 cm x 23 cm

• Choose from 10 different colours

• Designed for comfort and durability

• Soft-feel luxury satin fabric

Get your child’s education off to a great start by making sure they look the part for their very first graduation ceremony with our colourful range of graduation gowns and mortarboard caps.

The right graduation attire is an important part of your child's big day and really is just the thing to mark the occasion! With our range of high quality, comfortable and durable children’s graduation gowns and caps, you can ensure that your child really enjoys their day.

Our Children’s Graduation Gowns are made from high-quality, soft-feel luxury satin and come complete with a colour-matched mortarboard cap complete with self-securing elasticated rim and tassel. As a set, our Children’s Graduation Gown and Cap sets are a superb choice for Nurseries, Schools or Academies.

Don't forget to download our complimentary Graduation Certificate free for all the class!

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